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Blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledgers, has a number of potential use cases within the wealth and asset management life cycle. Distributed ledgers are highly flexible; once implemented, they can be used to
remove friction from the client on-boarding process, streamline management of model portfolios, speed the clearing and settlement of trades, and ease compliance burdens associated with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your

The result is elimination of redundant functions, reduced operational expenses and increased opportunities to enhance the client experience. While blockchain technology is unlikely to replace current systems, it may be used to reconcile information across them or enable new infrastructure for new markets
and products.

By extension, these concepts can expand to broader applications, such as rollovers, trusts, estates, insurance and other transactions where assets are moved between parties or contracts are executed. A distributed ledger supports
the validation and execution of a transaction in near real time. The client experience is enhanced and the process streamlined, and costs are reduced.

A Team
Of Professionals.

Transforming investing and market understanding with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.

Analyze Your

We listen to, understand and adhere to what you require and desire from your hard-earned capital.

Business Information

Bespoke. Most people associate the word with a beautifully tailored suit. Made to measure, designed specifically for the individual.

That is the way we look at our Bespoke Portfolio Management service. It is a personal relationship between you and your Investment Manager. We manage your assets on your behalf.

It is about us understanding you, your objectives and how best to achieve them.

Our portfolio management service is intended to be discretionary, which means that we manage your portfolio and make all investment decisions at our discretion. However, an advisory service is also available, meaning you can retain full control of the investment choices that are made.

To manage your money, we need to create an investment strategy based on your unique requirements. Your personal circumstances, objectives, knowledge and experience and attitude to risk will be our starting point. We will also consider your existing investments. We will explore what you want to achieve, be it a balanced return from income and capital growth, or a focus purely on income, or perhaps an emphasis on growing your existing wealth.

Key Analysis

Our experienced team of market analysts expertly analyze a paradigm of significant market parameters that determine whether a stock or security will rise or fall in value. They take pride in their accuracy and depth of knowledge across all global markets, strategies and geo-political factors in order to provide our Asset Managers with the most reliable and profitable information at any given time.

Our Workflow & Process

We work alongside all of our clients, both private and institutional, to ensure that each of our recommendations are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements and desires. We listen and understand to what it is that you need from your investments and structure our research and recommendations to those wants.