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Our Team



Christian Baldini (Senior Portfolio Manager) – One of the most charismatic person on the trading floor, Mr. Baldini focuses on delivering an excellent level of service alongside a goal-oriented strategy in order to maintain a successful client base. Born and raised in Rome (Italy), with a degree in social economics from Sapienza University of Rome , Mr. Baldini joined Crown Alliance Capital in 2012 , fighting and conquering new markets like a true Roman.


Franky Patriks (Portfolio Manager)-Born and raised in Switzerland he graduated an M.B.A. in finance at Loyola University in New Orleans-USA. He joined Crown Alliance Capital back in 2014 and just in a few years he managed to become portfolio manager through his great results. His simple, but in the same time complex, way of doing business is the key to his success…that way…..”Honesty”


Allan Bukowski (Portfolio Manager)-Born in the beautiful city of Krakow-Poland, backed up with over 10 years of experience in the financial markets he is joining Crown Alliance team in 2014.Moving since an early age in the US in the sunny California. As an excellent chess player he develops during years’ what will be the key of success on his path…”Strategy”


Aron Miller (Senior Portfolio Manager)- born in 1972 in Bat Yam-Israel has stepped in the world of finance at an early age joining New York’s renowned “The Storm King School” and finishing his studies with a master degree in economics at London School of Economics in UK. Joining Crown Alliance Capital in 2012, based on the performance delivered to his clients he manages to become in a very short period of time one of our most respected Senior Portfolio Manager based on one philosophy “every client is a part of our family” . “Customized strategies for our clients is the key for a successful business relationship. Like in a normal family, we need to understand what the other member want in order to be able to help them whit wat they need not wat we believe they need” A. Miller


Victor Prince (Portfolio manager) – finishing Business School in Massachusetts, in his senior year he decides to get as an intern at J.P. Morgan for the next 5 years. Based on his skills and good results our company decides to offer him a job back in 2013. Since then he became one of the most trusty advisers for our client division.

Analyze Your

We listen to, understand and adhere to what you require and desire from your hard-earned capital.

A Team
Of Professionals.

Transforming investing and market understanding with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.

Business Information

Bespoke. Most people associate the word with a beautifully tailored suit. Made to measure, designed specifically for the individual.

That is the way we look at our Bespoke Portfolio Management service. It is a personal relationship between you and your Investment Manager. We manage your assets on your behalf.

It is about us understanding you, your objectives and how best to achieve them.

Our portfolio management service is intended to be discretionary, which means that we manage your portfolio and make all investment decisions at our discretion. However, an advisory service is also available, meaning you can retain full control of the investment choices that are made.

To manage your money, we need to create an investment strategy based on your unique requirements. Your personal circumstances, objectives, knowledge and experience and attitude to risk will be our starting point. We will also consider your existing investments. We will explore what you want to achieve, be it a balanced return from income and capital growth, or a focus purely on income, or perhaps an emphasis on growing your existing wealth.

Key Analysis

Our experienced team of market analysts expertly analyze a paradigm of significant market parameters that determine whether a stock or security will rise or fall in value. They take pride in their accuracy and depth of knowledge across all global markets, strategies and geo-political factors in order to provide our Asset Managers with the most reliable and profitable information at any given time.

Our Workflow & Process

We work alongside all of our clients, both private and institutional, to ensure that each of our recommendations are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements and desires. We listen and understand to what it is that you need from your investments and structure our research and recommendations to those wants.