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The Crown Company


Crown Alliance Capital Limited .

A publicly reporting Nevada Corporation.




Providing strong investment opportunities in the emerging longevity market.

Crown Alliance Capital Limited (OTCBB:CACL) is a publicly reporting Nevada Corporation formed March 4, 2010. Formerly known as Kinetic Resources, on August 31, 2011 controlling ownership of the business was acquired by a group of individuals led by Lorraine Fusco, our current President & CEO. Following the change in control, we changed the direction of our business to focus on acquiring senior life settlement policies and maintain until maturity these policies.
Crown Alliance offers an alternative class with a non-correlated rate of return, it is not a question of if we make a return but when. We have an experienced management team and our assets are backed with investment grade insurance companies. Life settlements offer the potential for a higher rate of return with lower risk than traditional investment products.  We currently have under management a portfolio of face value approximately $5 million and have just reported a profit in the first quarter 2013. We will continue to acquire senior life settlement policies and will eventually build this portfolio of policies to over $1 billion in the next 5 years. With what we believe to be the correct business model and an experienced management team, we believe we will be able to accumulate a portfolio of quality policies that will generate a steady, stable and profitable return.


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